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Our general cleaning visits provide service in the following areas:
Dining room, living room, family room, basement:
  • vacuuming floors, rugs, carpets, sofas

  • dusting and polishing outer surface of furniture

  • washing floors

  • cleaning mirrors and glass parts of doors

  • emptying and cleaning waste cans

  • dusting/wiping baseboards and blinds

  • making beds

  • wiping doors, light switches, window ledge


  • cleaning sinks, tubs, toilets, tiles, showers

  • wiping baseboards, window ledges

  • emptying and washing waste cans

  • dusting light fixtures

  • washing floors

  • cleaning sinks and countertops

  • cleaning surfaces of fridge and oven

  • wiping cabinet doors, baseboards, blinds

  • dusting fixtures and decorative elements

  • vacuuming and washing floors

  • emptying and washing waste cans and surface around it

  • cleaning toaster and microwave inside/out

  • putting garbage outside

Services adjusted to your needs. 
Free estimate. 
Satisfaction guaranteed. 

Hallway, stairs:

  • vacuuming floors and stairs

  • wiping baseboards

  • washing floors and stairs

  • cleaning mirrors and glass parts of the doors

  • dusting fixtures and decorative elements

We provide extra services on request:

  • cleaning fridge and oven inside

  • washing, ironing and folding laundry

  • washing windows from inside

  • cleaning cupboards inside

  • cleaning stains on the walls

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